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As a business in the waste industry, you need ensure that you are operating within environmental law. We will look at your business and advise you on;

Establishing permission.  If you’re setting up your business, making changes or find yourself facing enforcement action from the Environment Agency, we will identify what permissions you need and obtain them. 
Maintaining good practices.  Once you have the permissions, you’ll need a Technical Competent Manager to visit your site weekly, who will direct operations and make sure you are compliant. We can send someone to site to provide this. We can also create bespoke job-related training for you and your staff.
Developing or growing your business. From time to time, the permissions you have need to be updated and resubmitted.  You may also wish to make changes to your permissions, which means submitting new documents, or perhaps the Environment Agency has requested new documents. We can do all this to keep your business compliant.
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