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The Launch of Umbrella Environmental

Andrew Lake

17 Nov 2021


With the backdrop of a new Environmental Act which has just passed into UK law setting targets, plans and policies for improving the natural environment; we are pleased to announce the launch of Umbrella Environmental.
This is an exciting time to be in the waste sector and we can ensure businesses grow compliantly in a way that benefits both the environment and themselves.
With 15 years’ worth of experience at the Environment Agency and in a commercial consultancy, Umbrella Environmental can help guide you through a labyrinth of regulation and compliance.
Umbrella Environmental’s core mission is “we will protect our clients through environmental compliance and ultimately protect the environment for future generations”.
Our core values encompass making legislation and guidance simple for you, enabling us to be experts in waste regulations so we can professionally and confidently add value to your business and achieve your goals.
If you’re a current operator in the waste sector or a new operator looking to set up, please contact us for advice to identify your needs so we can provide you with the permits and permissions you need to succeed.

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