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Fly Tipping

Andrew Lake

3 Dec 2021


Did you see this post from the Environment Agency (EA)?

Are you aware to move waste commercially from a premises you should be a registered waste carrier?

Did you know that to store waste you may need to have an registration with the EA?

Did you know that ignorance is not a defence if found to be doing either of the above without the correct permissions you could face prosecution.

Illegal waste sites and carriers impact legitimate business by being able to under cut prices due to reduced regulatory overheads and burden. This could cause a big impact on the environment by promoting fly tipping and other illegal waste activities.

Operating illegally could result in enforcement prosecutions and criminal charges. If you see illegal waste crime it can be reported details at the link below.

If you feel you may need expert advice as you are unsure where you may stand and how compliant your activity is please contact us here at Umbrella Environmental on 07498 671713 or

EA Link:

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