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Environment Act 2021

Andrew Lake

17 Nov 2021


Environment Act 2021
“An Act to make provision about targets, plans and policies for improving the natural environment; for statements and reports about environmental protection; for the Office for Environmental Protection; about waste and resource efficiency; about air quality; for the recall of products that fail to meet environmental standards; about water; about nature and biodiversity; for conservation covenants; about the regulation of chemicals; and for connected purposes.”
The Environment Act is here. Also referred to in the press as the “Environment Bill” it enables the British Government to make provision for targets, plans and policies for improving the natural environment. This is most likely to take the form of numerical values which will be supported by statutory and non-statutory guidance and an operator’s best practice efforts.
I believe there will be changes to statutory guidance and to permissions issued by the regulators to further push big businesses in an attempt to achieve a better natural environment nationally and globally.
Follow link to view the Environment Act 2021 on the .Gov website for more details:

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